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Advisory Body Minutes of Meeting


First Advisory Board Meeting 2017-18

 DAY: Friday DATE: 28.07.17

On behalf of the management, the School Correspondent Dr. Ashwini .Kulkarni welcomed the Advisory Board members.

The following points were discussed in the meeting.

1. Medium of Communication: The school correspondent Dr. Ashwini.Kulkarni informed the parents that PTA Executive and Advisory Body of City Pride school have formed Whats app groups which will enable them to share any issues faced by any member of the school and find out a solution to the same. Whatsapp is a social media which should be used constructively and responsibly by the parents and genuine problems and queries should be posted in the group. It is generally been observed that meager petty issues like home assignments, absenteeism, loss of things etc is posted. She also mentioned that whenever any concerned queries have been posted the school representatives have always answered the queries promptly. She said that these kinds of petty issues can be handled in the various class groups and she urged the members of the advisory board to maintain the serenity of the group for its smooth functioning .

2. Parking- The parents had queries regarding the traffic congestion in front of the school gate in the morning and during dispersal hours. The school correspondent Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni informed the members that though a call was taken in the previous years that the parents could follow the one way rule to avoid the congestion it was generally observed that most of the parents were not following the one way policy. She said that parents could come on two wheelers or start with car pooling. She urged the advisory members to create awareness regarding parking of vehicles in the whatsapp group. One parent suggested that we could define the parking line on the road. Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni added to it that such kind of awareness could be easily created through the various whatsapp groups. One parent suggested that 95% of the traffic is school related and only 5% is of outsiders, so the initiative has to be taken by the school and that all the school buses, the rickshaws and vans should follow the rule of one way and added that the bus bringing the physiotherapy students always comes from the wrong side. Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni replied that with immediate effect it will be seen that all the school buses are following the one way rule. One parent suggested that the open ground near Camp Education institute can be used for parking on which madam mentioned that we are using this area since last two years for parking . One parent suggested that a graphic presentation on traffic and parking area can be shown to the children and through children it would be easy to create awareness. Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni appreciated the suggestion and suggested to take up the problem statement in creya and added that a flex could be made directing the parking rules. One parent suggested about the speed limit and the speed breakers.
Action Taken: The area outside the school gates was inspected after the meeting and it was observed that there are two speed breakers as per the RTO norms. Secondly all our school buses follow the One way traffic rule. The bus driver who drives the students to Physiotherapy college was informed to follow the one way norm. After the rainy season the area infront of all the three school gates will be marked wherein no vehicles will be allowed to be parked . No parent will be allowed to wait in that marked area. Presentations on awareness about traffic rules and traffic control will be given to the students so that they can convey the same to their parents to resolve the issue. We have also invited innovative ideas on this issue from our students .

 3.Time Slots during interaction and open days: Parents do not follow the schedule according to the time slots on Interaction and Open Days which leads to delay for other parents. Dr.Ashwini. Kulkarni suggested to collect names and make the list of such parents. She also suggested that parents with more than two children can give an application to the class teachers and get the same time slot for interaction with the teachers. One parent said that as the parents find it very difficult to locate the subject teachers. Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni suggested to write the name of the subject teachers and their location on the black board for the convenience of the parents. She urged the advisory members to send a note one day prior on the various whatsapp groups to abide by the rules of school and follow the timings given for interaction and open days .One parent suggested that from the advisory board one member can take initiative. Badges could be made for the advisory board members.
Action Taken: The teachers have been informed about writing the name of the subject teachers and their location on the black board for the convenience of the parents. The teachers have to collect the applications for the change in time slots from the parents having two children. Badges for Executive and Advisory groups will be given shortly.

4. Books:   One parent said that the bags are heavy and suggested if the school can start with book bank system. Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni replied that the book bank system was practically not possible as many parents wish to retain the Math, Science and German books .Some parents suggested that a child could have two sets of books. One could be kept at home and one can remain in the school.

5. Bag weight:Some parents mentioned that the school bags are very heavy. On this Madam said the school has given lockers wherein students can keep their books.Moreover the students should carry books according to the timetable but it is noticed that the students carry tuition books and other stuffs which makes the bag heavy. She further suggested that the school would check the bag weight.
Action taken: The coordinators are in the process of checking the weight of bag.

6.Lockers : Mrs. Pathak asked that whether big locks could be used to lock the lockers. Mrs. Suja Rajesh answered that students have already been informed to use good quality locks

7.Short vacation- Mrs Nilima.Sadaphal( VL) asked whether the short vacation could be reduced and whether we could start the long vacation from April 15th Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni replied that it is not possible as the paper correction and result work and it is declared before the new session starts.

8.Breakfast - One parent said that the breakfast quantity is less. Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni replied the breakfast served will be limited and if parents feel that their ward needs more, then they can send it from home. Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni replied that the breakfast served is a supplementary or help for mothers. She also mentioned that the K.G. section already has a separate menu.

 9.Leaves - One parent asked for more than one day holiday for Gauri poojan Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni replied that it is a secular school and we need to take care of all religious festivals . She said that the child can take 10 casual leaves  provided they are well planned for important occasions only. Some leaves should be reserved as sick leaves.

 10.Tiffin stand- One parent said that the number of tiffin stand should be increased Madam suggested to increase one more Tiffin stand.
Action Taken: One more iron bar would be fitted on the present tiffin stands .

11.STD- III Mathematics paper: Mrs.Pranjali.Bhalkar(III) said that many children could not complete their math paper and also suggested that children should be given training in time management Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni replied that the school will train the children in the area of time management.

12.Uniform:  Mrs. Pathak suggested that extra buttons should be made available. The Administrative officer is informed about the same.

13.Washroom- One parent said that the washrooms are very dirty. Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni denied it completely and explained that during rainy season the washrooms get muddy. We clean the washrooms three times in a day and every three hours the Tai have been instructed to pour water.

14.STD- II Marathi paper practice:  One of the parent said that the practice for STD II was not done properly and children found it very difficult, especially visarg and match the following. Mrs. Sumita Bhattacharya replied that lot of practice was taken and Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni suggested that more worksheets should be taken.
Action Taken: Principal Maam spoke to the respective teacher and learnt that enough practice was taken for the above mentioned topic.

 15.LKG absent note- One parent asked can the leave note be sent through top school. Mrs. Poonam Patel answered that it would be more convenient and feasible to send the absent note written in the school calendar as that is the easiest and quickest way to keep a track of absenteeism in person.

16.Completion of notes- One parent from STD-III said that when the notes are incomplete, the teachers just write incomplete remark. The concern of the parent was on how to then complete the notes. Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni replied that it will be taken care of.
Action Taken: The teachers were informed about this during the staff meeting and the teachers would take care of the same.

17.Correction- One parent from STDVI said that the English books are not corrected properly and it is just written as seen and most of the times the class works are incomplete. Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni replied that it will be taken care of.
Action Taken: The answer key of the grammar exercise will be sent by the English teachers .

18.Benches & lockers- Mrs.Shraddha.Gadekar (STD -VII C)said that most of the benches are damaged and requested the school to repair it on priority basis. Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni replied that it will be taken care of.
Action Taken: The lockers are repaired and repairing of benches is in process.

19.Paper pattern- Mrs Wavhal from STD VII said that there was lot of confusion among parents regarding the syllabus of Marathi subject especially regarding the writing skills (katha lekhan) Dr. Ashwini. Kulkarni instructed to the coordinator to look into the matter
Action Taken: Principal Maam spoke to the concerned teacher

20.Open Door -Test: It was suggested that the answer key for the Open door test should be sent through Top school to the parents.
Action Taken: It was informed to the concerned teacher and this will be implemented from the next cycle.