Formula 1 International competition, two teams of CPS selected for National Level Competition::CPS wonder girl "Mugdha" wins bronze medal in the UIPM BIATHLE/TRIATHLE World championship::City Pride School re-accredited by National Accreditation Board for education and training (NABET) with highest marks once again!::City Pride School received “Best Performing School Trophy ” in Homibhabha Balvidnayik Competitive Exam::CPS has received the Most Ideal School Award by PCMC Corporation for excellence in school education in all aspects
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City Pride School have already introduced experiential learning program which revolves round STEAM - skills of Science Technology, Engineering , Art and Mathematics. These skills help in developing problem solving and critical analysis and prepare students to think out of box so that students can apply knowledge to solve real life problems. A special lab with tabs and manipulates has been made available for children wherein they design different structures. Students work in groups and presents their presentations.