City Pride School Re-Accredited by National Accreditation Board for education and training (NABET)::Stupendous achievement by CPS Students in Maharashtra State Scholarship Exam. 6 students in the Top 50 Merit holders. Gaikwad Sayali -2nd State ranker and Deokar Niti-4th Rank Holder in standard 5. Talegaonkar Vedant-3rd State ranker, Kumbhar Arnav and Athaley Mrunal - 5th State ranker, Randive Chinmayee-12th rank::Hearty congratulations to XII Commerce students Parth Lele, Jyostana Prasad and Sejal Mittal for passing CA Entrance Exam 2018::We pride ourselves in announcing the stupendous 100% results of our Higher Secondary School result with the first ranker in Science being Mast.Agarwal Rishabh with 94.3% and in Commerce Ms. Ishika Mandal 91.38 %::Once again CPS secured 100% result in Std-10 CBSE Board Exam,toppers-Yash Kulkarni-97.2%, Reva Rasne-97%, Vaishnavi Kulkarni and Nihar Ahire-96.8%::City Pride School received “Best Performing School Trophy ” in Homibhabha Balvidnayik Competitive Exam::CPS has received the Most Ideal School Award by PCMC Corporation for excellence in school education in all aspects
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About City Pride School
The school is located in heart of Pradhikaran Nigadi, renowned for its town planning and amenities. The school campus is about 3 acres of land. The pollution free Pradhikaran area gives right kind of atmosphere for better learning.
The School is affiliated to CBSE Board. The school has classes from LKG to 12th Std. The CBSE board results for the previous year is 100 % with more that 50% students securing 90% and above. Master Govind Menon stood second in the Board exam in Pune region making us proud.
The school is accredited By NABET [National Accreditation Board of Education & Training ] by Quality Council of India for its school Governance and is recipient of prestigious E-Governance Award by Maharashtra Government as “ Best IT enabled school of Maharashtra” and has also received “ International School Award” by British Council for its global approach in education.
Activity and project Based Education
Education at City Pride School is based on project approach with exposure through field visits, research projects, science workshops and presentations. The Continuous and comprehensive evaluation pattern [C.C.E.] is followed meticulously in the school. Recently the school has been selected by CBSE board for its pilot research project among the select 60 schools throughout the country.
The education system in our school aims at helping students in understanding the facts by working hands-on , applying simpler & investigative learning way so as to arouse interest & develop better understanding in their subject. The newly set up discovery science lab on the principals of GAKKEN education system in Japan is an appropriate example of learning science through nature.
We ensure that students are socially conscious. Various environment protection activities are taken up by school which involves active participation by students. The school has been awarded as the 'Best School' for 'Implementation of various methods to protect environment.'
The innovative thoughts make the children ready for 'out-of¬ box' thinking and also helps in developing their all round personalities. Since standard 6th, the school provides soft skill training to students for building their confidence, communication and leadership skills. The students regularly work a group projects and make amazing presentations of their work.
Field visits and outdoor tours
Field visits are conducted for every class throughout the year to give exposure and experience to the students. Throughout their schooling the students visit minimum 50 places with learning significance which includes Aayuka , science exploratory , apang vidyalaya , heritage sights , historic places , forts ,science exhibitions , police control room , banks , farms to name a few.
City Pride may be probably the only school which conducts 2-5 day tours for school children every year starting from std. 4th. The school has been conducting picnics at places like Goa, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Bangalore-Mysore, Pachmadhi, Raigad, and Mahabaleshwar. The experience of such long distance toors is long cherished by students and builds lasting friendships among them.
Competitive Examination Coaching
City Pride believes in developing quantitative and analytical thinking of our students. The right way to do this is through various competitive examinations, quizzes and Olympiads at state and national level. School takes keen interest in preparing selected students of the school for various platforms such a state scholarships, mathematics exams, Homi Bhabha science exam, National talent Search exams right from primary level. The school has qualified experienced staff for such coaching at various levels.
The school has also participated in prestigious national level competitions held by IIT Kanpur and IIT Mumbai. The school team has won gold medal at National Science Congress at National level for project presentation. Mr Yash Mandlecha, the national gold medalist for budding science competition was sent to Japan on scholarship for his achievement . The school team Lead by Ms. Eshita kakade is selected as the winner for national project competition held at New Delhi by CBSE board and was facilitated at the hands of Ho. Union HRD minister Smriti Irani on 15th August in New Delhi. The school has been awarded as best runner up school by national promotion of mathematics organisation [IPM] for its consistent promising high merit numbers in the competition.
Subject Departments
The school ensures equal and balanced weightage for each subject and hence separate subject departments are formed within the school. The teachers teaching the same subject at various levels interact with each other as department members to bring out the best teaching practices and concentric subject development from primary up to secondary level. Such initiatives also keep the subject teachers updated about their subject proficiency.
These departments have separate departmental budget through which they plan various subject related activities like exhibitions, quiz, projects, and display board throughout the year.
Quality Accreditation
Quality is a continuous improvement done continually. Setting right systems and procedure and further implementing them in the right way is very essential for assuring highest quality. City Pride school is the proud recipient of “ NABET Accreditation status “ conferred by Quality Council of India and awarded by Delhi Chief minister.
The school has prepared its own Quality and process Manual and a team of auditors under the “ school Quality head, ensure process based working of school through regular stringent audits.
Student's Counseling
The school has appointed full time counselors to help children to overcome their emotional and social insecurities and to achieve better confidence in life. To cater to the learning difficulties seen among some children we have also introduced remedial coaching with the help of expert teachers. The school conducts parent counseling session and career counseling for students of std. 10.
Student Council
India is the biggest democracy in the world. Walking on these footsteps , City Pride school believes in imbibing these democratic values in our kids right from school days . We have a school council elected by all the students and teachers of the school. The school ministers, thus elected through voting process actively participate in the decision making of the school at various levels. We take special efforts to develop leadership skills among these school council members.
International Exposure
Today, World has become a global village and our children would global citizens of tomorrow. At City Pride School students get an exposure to different cultures and environment through International exchange programmers’. Every year we host fifteen American children at the school for two months in collaboration with American consulate and i-Earn India. These children stay with city Pride school families and attend the school to learn Hindi and Indian culture.
This year we received “ International School Award “ [ ISA ] through which we have undertaken 27 activities ensuring international connect integrated in school curriculum at all levels and subjects.
School Magazine: “PathFinder“
The school publishes theme based school magazine with unbound participation from teachers, students and even the parents for last 8 years. The school magazine is spontaneous, creative and participative giving platform to students for exhibiting their creative talents. Magazine committee of the school works throughout the year to create content for magazine though various planned events.
Teacher's Development Programmes
We strongly believe that the strength of every school lies in its teaching standards. Every minute of the child in the school should be fruitfully utilized. All our teachers are qualified, trained and experienced. They are selected through rigorous selection process. The teachers are enriched with in-training programmes to improve their teaching skills & to adopt new techniques & methods in their day to day teaching. Teachers attend various seminars & workshops on dramatization in classroom, project methodologies, building up positive attitude and academic enrichment conducted by eminent faculties from these fields for continuous improvement.
Bridging The Gap with parents
We believe that Parents and school are integral part of child’ life and they need to work together for optimum development of child. Our school is blessed with most cooperative and enthusiastic parents who believe in basic philosophy of our school.
Since beginning, the school encourages parents to actively participate in various events of the school and thus the parents are strongly connected to the school like their kids. Parent Interaction days are planned every month for mutual interaction of parents and teachers on individual basis. “Ice melting programme “is one such interesting event which establishes communication channel for new parents.
The “ Parents Teacher association “ and “ management meetings with parents “ ensure that the significant pillars of school that is school management , teachers and parents contribute for school development and improvement.
Short comfort cushioning programmes to form a rapport between parents &teachers are organised which are helpful in enriching & strengthening the bond between every stake holder of our school thus creating a feeling of oneness, unity & goodwill.