21 students out of total 80 students of CPJC Science are eligible for Inspire Scholarship instituted by government of India::City Pride Junior College rocks in 12th Board once again with 100% result.In science stream- top 3 positions are secured by Harshal Dhake -93.53% ,Neha Algi -91.08%, Ved Khandekar - 90.62%. In commerce stream-Topper Harish Chaudhary with 92.92 %. ::Outstanding performance by the students of CPS in class 10 CBSE board exams. The pupils have lived up to the tradition of 100 % result.Top 3 positions bagged by Saket Dhore 97.8%, Shiraskar Disha 97.6%, Maedhika Malhotra & Kotasthane Ninad 97.2%::City Pride Junior College student Ved Khandekar gets Kishore Vaigyanic Protsahan Yojana ( KVPY) scholarship, one of the most prestigious scholarships.This ensures his admission to IISER::9 students of City pride Junior College secure above 99 percentile in JEE mains 2019::CPS has received "Best School Trophy Award",that is,Vikram Sarabai Award for the highest number of medal achievers in Pune zone by MSTA::City Pride School re-accredited by National Accreditation Board for education and training (NABET) with highest marks once again!
PTA Minutes of Meeting
The following are the PTA Minutes of Meeting

   Dt: 10/6/2019



DAY : Saturday Date: 23-02-2019

   The meeting of executive body of PTA was called on Saturday -23.02.2019 in the school seminar hall.
The list of the members present is attached here with.
Agenda: As mentioned in the notice attached.
Minutes of the meeting

   1. Principal Mrs. Maya Sawant welcomed the members with the greetings. All members greeted each other with warm wishes.

   2. She addressed the parents and briefed them about the achievements of the school in academics as well as other activities.

   3. Mathex 2018-19 (Ganit Prabhutva Spardha) organised by Ganit Adhyapak Mandal, Pune on 9-12-18
Level-I Results. Two students from std 8 and 7 students from std 5 are selected for level-II

   4. IPM Competition Organized by IPM Institute : 364 students appeared for Mega Final Round of IPM Exam out of which 40 students received a Cheque and a Merit Certificate.

   5. NSTSE -2018, Organized by Unified Council on 7-12-2018: 11 students were selected for second level.

   6. Unified Cyber Olympiad ,Level - 2 Results : 11 students achieved success.

   7. FIT-I (German Exam-level 1), Organized by Max Muller Bhavan Pune, On 20-11-2018 Total 59 students from Std 9 appeared for level-1 , out of those 41 students got A+ Grade and 18 students got A grade.

   8. FIT-II (German Exam-level 2), Organized by Max Muller Bhavan Pune, On 19-11-2018 : Total 14 students from Std 10 appeared for level-2 , out of 2 students got A Grade, 5 students got B+ grade and 3 students got B grade.

   9. Camlin Art Contest 2018, Organized by Camlin, On 1st and 3rd week of August: Many students from our school received an appreciation prize at school level and have got selected for Zonal level.

   10. F1 in schools Competition organized by Times of Sports held on 23-1-2019 and 24-1-2019 at Billabong High International School, Thane. F1 in Schools is an international STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) competition for school children (aged 9–19), in which groups of 3–6 students had to design and manufacture a miniature "car" out of the official F1 Model Block using CAD/CAM design tools.
Two teams of CPS participated for regional level and selected for National Level competition which is going to be held in Delhi in the month of April.

   11. City Pride School students participated and came out with flying colours in the following events.
a) Cyber Genius Inter –school computer competition Organized by Dr. Shamrao Kalmadi, High School held in the month of December
b) Computer Intelligence Exam organized by Jnana Prabodhini Vidyalaya on 8-10-2018
c) Cyber Champ Inter School Computer Competition organized by City Pride School sponsored by Persistent Foundation On 5-1-19 and 12-1-19.
d) Conserve My Planet organised by SHARP NGO in collaboration with French Schneider Company on 11-12-2018
e) Chinmay Mission Inter-School Shloka Competition organised by Chinmay Mission on 11-09-2018
f) ESG Science and Art Competition organised by Exciting Science Group IISER on 13-11-2018
g) Bebras Challenge International Computational Thinking Online Test
h) ESG Science and Art Competition organised by Exciting Science Group IISER on 13-11-2018
i) Spark Catch them Young : 2 students have been selected for Summer training which will held in April/May 2019
j) DSK Karandak Athletics Competition Organized by DSK School held on 15th and 16th February 2019
k) Sub Junior Athletics district Competition organized by Athletics Federation on 24th and 25th February 2019
l) CPS wonder girl "Mugdha" wins bronze medal in the UIPM BIATHLE/TRIATHLE World championship

   12. Other points discussed were,
•Change in Vendor for Uniform Std-LKG to 5th
•Change in shoes.
•Addition of value education subject in Std- 3rd , 4rd and 5rd .
•Annual Day CD.
•Funfair activity in the month of April.
•Open day proponed to Sat 20rd April 2019.
•Insurance for students.

   13. Mr. Muralidhar Itagi PTA of std 6 Faith, suggested to organize talks from eminent speakers on various topics. Principal Madam accepted and assured him to do the needful.

   14. Parents whole heartedly congratulated school for all achievements specially for F1 in school.

   15. Mr. Muralidhar Itagi PTA of std 6 Faith, credited CREYA programme in the school F1 achievement.

   16. Principal Madam spoke about general behavioral issues of students. She emphasized the importance of moral values in life. She also said that students need to be grounded and humble despite being successful.

   17. The meeting ended with announcement of schedule for next meeting on a happy note.



Day : Saturday Date : 13-10-2018

The meeting of Executive Committee of PTA and Advisory body members was conducted on Saturday,13/10/18 at 1pm in the School hall.
All the Executive Committee remembers and Advisory members were present. The school had invited PCMC Health Officers and doctors to brief everybody about the MMR vaccine. Dr. Varsha Dange, PCMC Medical officer, Dr. Dhekne, a senior pediatrician and Dr Tongaonkar were also present.

1. Wel come Note:
The meeting began with the welcome note from Principal Mrs.Maya Sawant.

2. MMR Vaccination Drive by PCMC:
As many parents had raised a concern over the above mentioned vaccination drive, A team of PCMC health officers, Prominent Doctors in the surrounding area ,A prominent Rotarian Dr.Rakesh Singhania visited the school and briefed parents about it. The discussions began with a small message of Mr. Shravan Hardikar, Commissionor PCMC through a video clipping.
Some of the points discussed are
a) Dr. Varsha Dange , Medical officer, PCMC addressed the parents. She
said it is a government of India’s drive started in 2017. The second phase will start in Nov, 2018.
b) The target group is children from 9 months to 15 year olds. Every school
will be a center and it is mandatory. The school needs to allot 3 rooms for the campaign.
c) As parents raised concern over safety of this drive, she explained how safe it is. She also demonstrated with the syringe and assured that it is not reusable. In response to one of the queries, she said that a group of three will be in charge of the booth. Each booth will consist of three rooms.

   d) Dr. Dhekane, a pediatrician in the vicinity told parents that it is very safe
and assured that there will be no trouble at all. He also said that if at all any problem arises all hospitals in the surroundings will be ready to help.
e) Mrs. Mane, a parent asked if the vaccine can be get administrated by
private doctors. Dr.Dange said that the vaccine is available only with government agencies.
f) One of the Parents wanted Doctors to inject not the nurses. Dr.Dange said that it will not be practically possible and Nurses are best trained and will do the job perfectly.
g) In her reply to some questions, Dr .Dange shared the following information.
• Vaccine should be given even if it is given earlier.
• Any allergy/problems should be informed priorly, so that such cases can be taken care of. And it is a single shot vaccine.
• She also said that the vaccine is of best quality. Make children bold and don’t get scared.
• Dr.Dange mentioned that detailed pamphlets regarding MR Vaccination will be given to all the schools which can be shared with the parents.
h) Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni, Director of the school, concluded the above discussion with the following suggestions.
i) The vaccination will be spread over 3 days so that around 700
students will be vaccinated every day.
ii) As per requirement, the school will allot 3 rooms for the campaign.
iii) Parents of younger students can accompany them during the
iv) School will take all possible measures and involve doctor parents to
assure safe vaccination campaign.
v) Pamphlets will be shared with all the parents. She requested parents
to read the details mentioned in the pamphlets.

   3. General Discussions.
Principal invited the discussions on various school related issues and asked the members to share their views . The following points were discussed.

   • Sanskrit Syllabus
Mrs. Mane, PTA of VII Vigour raised the issue of delay in completing Sanskrit syllabus. She was assured by Principal ma’am that proper action will be taken over the issue.

• Transport issue
Mrs.Khairnar, PTA of LKG Micky , told about the difficulty faced by ‘Aradhya Belgekar in transport due to miscommunication. Mrs.Varsha Ahire cleared the doubt..

• LKG & UKG Breakfast
A parent from UKG Mickey raised the issue of breakfast. She said that breakfast is too spicy for them. So children drink more ware and eat less. Ms Varsha Ahire ,co ordinator mentioned that the pre primary breakfast menu is totally different from that of higher classes and it is not spicy.

   • Std VII Science question paper
Mrs. Doiphode , PTA member, std VII Hope asked some doubts from Half yearly Exam Science question paper. She expressed that there should be choice in science like that of Social science. Mrs. Jyoti Kulkarni, cleared her doubts also said that we can include some choices in other subjects also.

• ReExam Schedule
Mrs Manju Sharma, Head of Exam Department, told about the difficulties faced during conducting re exams. She requested parents to be careful as children forget the notices and create problems such as forgetting time table, not coming on time etc.
She also clarified the issues of miscommunication of a student’s re exam ( Shreya Bhor & Om Shinde)

   • Missing Note Books
PTA Member of VIII Hope mentioned about notebooks getting lost before exams. Dr.Ashwini Kulkarni, asked them to report immediately so that we can check the cctv footage.

   • Ashwini Kulkarni, Informed that Football expert coaching will be given on Saturdays and Sundays.

   • Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni, Informed that ‘ANNUAL DAY’ this year will be conducted in the premises of new CPS at Moshi.

   4. Transport charges
Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni informed the members that due to increase in petrol and diesel prices in the past few months, the school cannot cope up with the prices in the existing plan. So the school has decided to increase the bus fees by Rs.70 per month for all the bus routes with effect from the month of November 2018 to April 2019. She requested everybody to cooperate and pay the amount in school office.

5 . School Fees
There will be a hike in the fees in the year 2020-21.

   6. GPS problem in the busses:
Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni informed the members that there is a problem in parents receiving proper messages through GPS system. She mentioned that every possible measure is taken to solve this problem. Unfortunately the vendor is not able to resolve this problem. So now school is thinking of other alternative facility like bus tracking.

7.Vote of thanks The Meeting ended with a happy note.




   Dt: 02-10-2018



   DAY : Saturday Date: 11-08-2018

   The PTA General Body meeting was conducted on Saturday -11.08.2018 in the School Seminar hall. Notice for the same was sent to the parents in advance ie on 25.07.18
1.Welcome Note: Principal Mrs. Maya Sawant welcomed the parents.
2.School Achievements : Ms Sawant proudly announced the achievements of the school. City Pride School has received NABET Re-accreditation from National Accreditation Board for Education and Training for its quality standards and a very sound process based working system.
She also announced the Maharashtra State Govt. Scholarship Exam Results.
STD V – Pre Upper Primary Scholarship Examination
• Gaikwad Sayali Raviraj (87.75% ) City Topper and 2nd State Ranker
• Deokar Niti Sandeep (86.39%) 4th State Ranker

   STD VIII – Pre Secondary Scholarship Examination
• Vedant Sameer Talegaonkar(89.04%) 2nd City Topper and 3rd State Ranker
• Kumbhar Arnav Santosh (86.98%) 5th State Ranker
• Athaley Mrunal Shashank(86.98%) 5th State Ranker
• Randive Chinmayee Santosh(89.19%) 12thState Ranker
3) General Discussion: Principal initiated the discussion on various school related
issues and asked parents to share their views. Following points were discussed.
• GPS : Parents asked about the bus GPS system. They mentioned that no messages are received through GPS. Ashwini Madam told them that school management is working on this issue and soon the system would work smoothly.
• CCTV Cameras : Mrs Sawant mentioned that the school has installed CCTV cameras in the class rooms , at the entrances and in the corridors.
• School Shoes : Parents shared that the quality of shoes is not good. On this Principal madam told the parents that she had already spoken to the vendor and informed him about the issues faced by the students. She asked him to make the shoes available easily. She also told the parents that this year the school would check the durability of the shoes and then take appropriate action. The school will have to think whether other branded shoes could be suitable cost wise and durable. Parents agreed to have branded shoes , which would last longer and not very costly.
• Diwali Vacation : Parents mentioned that Diwali vacation schedule is scheduled before Diwali festival . Parents requested to change the schedule. Ashwini Madam assured them that care will be taken next year. This year we will continue as per the planner.
• Traffic Issue infront of the school gates :One of the major issues raised by the parents was about traffic congestion during open days , interaction days and during drop and pick up timings. One of the parents suggested that parents could drop students at the corner of the road. Keeping in mind the safety of students that was not accepted. Finally it was decided to approach the concerned authority and request to make the road “One Way” for proper management of traffic . Madam suggested that parents could avoid four wheelers and use two wheeler to ease the traffic issue. Car pulling would be a better solution.
• Half day leave for students : Maya madam informed parents that school does not allow ‘Half day leaves’ Students can avail this facility only in case of genuine emergencies.
• WhatsApp Groups : Ashwini Madam appreciated parents for forming whatsapp groups. She requested parents to analyse the messages sent before posting the reply.
• Open Day and Interaction Day : It has been observed that Parents do not follow the schedule according to the time slots on Interaction and Open Days which leads to delay for other parents. Ashwini Madam suggested that the Advisory members could mutually decide among themselves and share their timings so that they can remain present for half day on both these days. This would help to understand the problems faced by the parents and the teacher.
• Competitive Exams :The parents requested the school not to share their personal details to any outside organization like LIC, Meritnation etc . since these organizations keep calling the parents and disturbing them regarding their competitive exams. The school agreed to this point and will take care in future.
• Vigilance Committee : Mrs Banti Mishra – PRO, a member of Health, Safety and Security committee mentioned about the working of this committee. She invited two parents to be members of the school vigilance committee. Accordingly Mr Mangesh Hagawane and Mrs Heena Shaikh are members of Vigilance Committee.
• Breakfast Committee : As per the school process 2 parents need to be a part of the breakfast committee. They are allowed to visit the school any day to check the working of this committee. Accordingly Mr Venkatesh Wadekar –VI H, Mrs Pallavi Jain – VII F and Mrs Shweta Jawali – I W are members of Breakfast Committee.

   The other points discussed were :-
• One of the Parents, Mr. Muralidhar Itagi appreciated the efforts of management and teachers for their efforts to bring out the best in students. He also praised the authorities for providing various opportunities to students to explore their talent in different competitions. He insisted that parents should allow students go for picnics, field visits etc as this gives a lot of real life experience to the them.
• He gave a small message to parents to follow 4A formula at home. ie
A- attention A- appreciation A –affection A-action
• Madam addressed the parents about need of discipline in life. She highlighted the parents should support in this matter. She also put some light on the transparent selection procedures of different activities and also told that every child will be given an opportunity in different activities based on their caliber, interest etc.
• Ashwini Madam shared that school organizes parenting sessions for its parents every year. We arrange different speakers standard wise . The topics for these sessions are different for different standards. One of the parent suggested to subscribe for the magazine ‘VAYAM’ –Anand Nadkarni. Another book ‘One Minute Super Dad ‘ was also suggested for reading .
• Parents were appreciated the meditation sessions conducted regularly in the school.
• Principal madam thanked everyone for their valuable suggestions and expected the same cooperation throughout the year.
• She also mentioned about the opening of our new branch at Moshi.
• The meeting ended on a happy note.



DAY : Saturday Date: 28-07-2018

The meeting of executive body of PTA was called on Saturday 28.07.2018 in the school seminar hall. Notice for the same was sent to the Executive Members on Thursday 19.07.2018.
1) Welcome Note :-
Principal Mrs. Maya Sawant welcomed the members. Newly elected Executive Body members of PTA introduced themselves. Further Principal madam explained the process of formation of Executive Body of PTA. She mentioned that the Executive Body of PTA has been formed as per the Provision of the section 4 (2)€ of the Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Regulation of fee)Act 2011 (Mah. VII of 2014) and rule 8(l) of the Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Regulation of fees ) Rules 2016. As per the rules. Executive members should be informed 15 days in advance regarding the meeting. The Executive Body should comprise of one member from Reserve Category. More than 50% members should be female members. General Body meeting should be conducted in the school. City Pride School followed all these norms to form the Executive Body of PTA for the academic year 2018-2019.
2) Report of the school :-
A) Principal Mrs. Maya Sawant addressed the parents and briefed them about the achievements of the school in academics , co curricular and sports areas. She announced about the new inclusions in school like the Mechanical Lab. She also spoke about the Videos shown in the classes and meditation sessions conducted every day in the morning. The school has also started Radio shows. She mentioned about the CBSE Board Exam results of Std 10th. City Pride School, Nigdi Pradhikaran has yet again secured 100% result in the CBSE Board Exams. The sixth batch comprising 86 students excelled in its performance with Top 3 POSITIONS BAGGED BY






Yash Kulkarni




Reva Rasane




Vaishnavi Kulkarni & Nihar Ahire



   B) Safety and Security of the school - Principal Madam explained about Safety and Security measures followed by the school She mentioned about CCTV cameras installed in the classrooms , school premises and at all the entrance gates. The school buses have the GPS facility. Further she spoke about the school Rules and Regulations to be followed by the parents. Adding on she also mentioned about the self defense workshop conducted at school every year for girls.
3) Statutory & Regulatory Bodies :- Principal Madam informed the parents about the Statutory & Regulatory Bodies which are as follows :-


Central Board of Secondary Education

The School is Affiliated to CBSE (Affiliation 1130180)


State Board of Maharashtra

The Junior College is Affiliated to State Board


Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation

The school follows all the norms put forth by PCMC Edu Dept


Road Transport Office (RTO)

The school has formed a Transport Committee


Provident Fund (PF)

The school employees avail the facility of PF Deduction


Income Tax Office

The school provides the required form for Tax deduction

   4) PTA Fund :-Principal Madam presented the bifurcation of PTA Fund. She also asked parents if they had any suggestions about the bifurcation or should the same structure be continued for the next academic year. All the members agreed to the bifurcation under various heads.
• Books : 15%
• Music Instruments : 10%
• Corpus : 10%
• Extra Coaching : 15%
• Teachers Welfare : 10%
• Students Welfare : 10%
• Sports : 10%
• Field Visits : 10%
• Environment Activities : 10%
5) Selection of Office Bearers :- Since the Executive Committee was already formed , Principal Madam requested the members to nominate the Office Bearers. She mentioned the structure of the executive committee , which will consists of :-

   Chairman - The Principal of the school
Vice Chairman - One Parent
Secretary - Senior Teacher of the school
Two Joint Secretaries - Two Parents
Members - One Teacher and One Parent of every standard.

   Accordingly the process was done and the nominated members are as follows :-





Mrs Maya Sawant


Vice Chairman

Mrs Lubna Shaikh



Mrs Padmaja Sathye

Senior Teacher

Two Joint Secretaries

Mrs Neha Jain



Mr Murlidhar Itagi


   6) Interactive Session with the members :-
a) One of the members raised the problem about the crowd in front of gates and suggested that parents should use two wheelers instead of four wheelers to pick and drop their wards. Can the road infront of the school gate made one way? Dr Ashwini Kulkarni – Special Invitee mentioned to the parents that four to five years back we along with the parents did try to do this but the local public did not agree to it.
b) Mrs Lubna Shaikh suggested that the Interaction and Open days for std 9th and 10th should be on Saturdays and not on working days.
c) One of the members mentioned about the problem in receiving messages through TopSchool App. On this it was decided that Mrs Amruta Dike teacher incharge of TopSchool App should resend the instructions to be followed while using this App.
d) Principal Madam Mrs Maya Sawant mentioned about the various picnic spots designed for different standards. All the members agreed to this.
e) One of the members spoke about not receiving messages through GPS system. Dr Ashwini Kulkarni – Special Invitee mentioned that due to some technical problem the messages are not received on time but very soon this problem will be resolved.
7)Announcement of the next meeting :- Principal madam informed the members that the next meeting will be scheduled in the month of October 2018. The school would inform the date well in advance.

   8) Vote of thanks :- Principal Madam thanked all the members for giving their valuable time for the meeting. The meeting ended with a group photo.


   Sitting L-R – Mrs Kulkarni, Principal – Mrs Maya Sawant, Mrs Ozarde, Mrs Grampurohit, Mrs Menon
Middle L – R - Mrs Shaikh, Mrs Chaudhary,Mrs Sathye, Mrs Tanpure, Mrs Nambiar, Mrs Jain, Mrs Kadam, Mrs Amrutkar, Mrs Sharma
Last L – R - Mrs Nair, Mr Itagi, Mr Wani, Mr Sonawane, Mr Bachhav, Mrs Rajit, Mrs Dike



Minutes Of the Meeting

A Parents meeting was called on Thursday 14/06/2018 at 3 p,m in the school office to form the ‘Executive Body’ of PTA for the academic year 2018-19 .
A notice dated 05.06.2018 was sent through mail, sms, website, school notice board to all the parents to self nominate themselves, by filling up a written format which was available in the school office. This willingness format was to be submitted in the school office on or before Sat, 9th June 2018 before 3:00 pm. As per the norms, if the number of willing parents was found to be more than, then a draw would be conducted for selecting a member from every respective standard to form the Executive Body of P.T.A. -2018-2019“
Class & category -wise separate boxes were kept in the school office and interested parents had to drop their self nominated forms in them.
Parents and Teachers gathered in the school office at the given timing.
Principal Madam – Mrs Maya Sawant explained the process for formation of Executive Body to the parents.
Parents came forward and removed a chit from the classwise boxes and handed over the selected chit to the Administrative Officer of the school – Ms Nilima Palse who read the name of the selected parent aloud.
The whole process was video graphed , which is retained in the school office.
Meeting ended on a happy note with a group photo.