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Safety and security of students  
Safety of students is highest priority for school . All the required measures are taken to ensure the security of children which includes CCTV cameras at various locations of school , in classrooms and in school buses. We have attendants at every toilet, lady attendants in buses, pick-drop cards for parents. safety drills, self-defence workshops & certification for students and counselling support. The school has installed fire safety system and Fire Safety drills are conducted regularly . The school has constituted vigilance committee for constant follow up and proper implementation of security system.
City Pride School adheres to the following norms as per Supreme Court guidelines on child safety .

• Authority Card is issued to all parents for pick up of their child from school or from the school bus at their respective stop in school hours.
• No minor female students is left alone with male staff.
• 9 CCTV cameras are already installed on the premises facing road , entry and exit, 59 CCTV cameras inside the class rooms, labs, office and 13 in school bus.
• In case of emergency the school deputes custody of the child to a female teacher until the parent/guardian come and take stock of the situation.
• Separate male (18 in number )/ female (14 in number ) toilets are there for students and both at a distant from each other. Eight extra female toilets are there for staffs.
• Female attendants (Tai) are appointed to monitor the toilets used by Students.
• Security guards along with male guards -6 in number and female guards-2 in number are deployed at the entrance and exit gates during school hours.
• Security guard’s are responsible to go round the entire campus and class rooms after the school is over to ensure nobody is there in the class and report to the head.
• All areas of the school premises like class rooms, play-grounds, corridors, etc. are regularly monitored and no un authorised person is allowed without visitors pass. Their entry is registered in the Visitor’s book.
• As a vigilance activity, floor duty and dispersal duty is given to teachers in rotations to monitor and keep an eye on all activities of kids arrival and departure during playtime, mealtimes, near toilets .
• Strict instructions are repeatedly given to the teachers that no child should be given dark room or solitary confinement punishments.
• Three Counselor for students and parents are appointed to take care of concerns related to the students or their parents .
• Display Board regarding “Dos & Dont’s ” is displayed in front of the School premises for Students, Teachers and Parents.
• Periodically or during their meetings with both teaching and non-teaching staff issues concerning safety matters of children are discussed and taken feedback from the staff is taken regularly.
• An internal vigilance committee comprising of staff, parents and education department officials is set and periodically meetings are taken to discuss the issues concerning the short comings in security and such issues as well as corrective actions are undertaken.
• Staff of reputed outsourced vendors in transport, security, and canteen sections are appointed. All the required documents are taken and verified.
• Group messaging system is already there through Top School Interactive Software.
Transport Guidelines:
• Keeping in view the safety of Students ,City Pride School adheres to all rules and regulations laid by the Government and Transport Department and the follows guidelines issued by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India with regard to safety of school buses carrying children .
• A circular is given to the parents of the children availing private 3 wheeler/4 wheeler/cabs or any form of transport to get satisfied about their conduct and antecedents along with proper address.
• School buses are well equipped as per RTO norms.
Safety Measures
Flex on safety measures have been displayed within the school premises.
1. Inform your parent’s or any known adult immediately if you feel you are uncomfortable or insecure or in need of any help.
2. Inform your parents about your movements.
3. Be truthful and open with your teachers and parents.
4. Always be alert and follow school security and safety measures.
5. Inform school staff about health issues if any.
6. You should know your address details and emergency contact info, along with backup information of another known adult.
7. They should know travel routes to and from the school. If possible travel with your school mates living in the same area.
8. Always travel along well lit common paths. Avoid shortcuts that might put you into a vulnerable situation.
9. Contact Police Kaka --Ph No.9552828910, 9922946227, in any kind of emergency. Details has been displayed everywhere in the school.
1. Don’t go or talk with any stranger.
2. Do not accept anything even from a known person without your parents’ permission.
3. Don’t disclose personal details to anyone.(stranger as well as known person)
4. Don’t carry or wear any type of valuable thing with you.
5. Do not move alone around lonely places.
6. Don’t trust anyone blindly.(stranger as well as known person)
7. Don’t try to take decision from your end.
8. Don’t allow anyone to touch you.
9. Never accept money, gifts or food from an adult under any circumstances.
Annexure : COVID 19 Guidelines
Running the school successfully amidst the pandemic has been possible because of the following measures taken by our school authorities:
1. The school is disinfected with sodium hypochlorite solution every morning before the entry of any school staff by the cleanliness workers.
2. All tables, chairs, desks and other objects involving physical contact are frequently sanitized throughout the day.
3. No staff or outsider is allowed to enter the premises without temperature checking and sanitization at the entrance gate.
4. We refrain from calling any outsiders inside the premises. Their queries are taken care of telephonically and for that we have given personal mobile numbers on which we are available during the working hours.
5. Everyone inside the school premises wears a mask and nobody is allowed to meet anyone without masks and social distancing.
6. There are sanitizer dispensers at every corner of the school.
7. We take utmost care of hygiene and sanitation in the washrooms.
8. In order to maintain social distancing within the school office we are using the 50% formula where staff comes on alternate days.
9. We have also made arrangements inside the office such that there is at least 6-10 ft distance between the staff as well as anyone coming inside the office.
10. Teachers have been well equipped with online teaching aids to continue the teaching process flawlessly.
11. We have been using Microsoft Teams to keep the classes connected and we run the school as per regular schedule but in online mode.
12. We also take care of the school hours to be within allowed limits as per government norms to reduce screen time of students.
13. We are also providing regular home assignments, notes and self assessment tests online for better learning.
14. Our campus is fully equipped with high speed internet connectivity, tablets, computers, webcams, etc. So, teachers have a choice to use these facilities at school or work from home as per their convenience.
15. We have collected data from all staff regarding their health status, address and contact details so that we can keep a track of staff coming under containment zones or the ones that are at high risk of infection.
16. We encourage our staff to keep updating their health status on Aarogya Setu mobile application and only staff with “Low risk” is allowed to come to school.
Proposed guidelines the school can follow when students attend the school physically:
1. We will be following all guidelines given by the state and central government once the decision of re-opening schools is taken.
2. We are planning to call students in two shifts to reduce the class strength to ensure social distancing.
3. There will be a morning and an afternoon shift with half strength each.
4. Students will be made to sit one on each bench leaving a gap of one bench every time.
5. We will ensure to increase air flow and ventilation in the classrooms.
6. We will be posting signs encouraging good hand and respiratory hygiene practices.
7. We also have a bell system that rings every 20 min as a reminder for hand wash.
8. We will encourage students to carry always carry sanitizers, wear face masks, face shields and gloves whenever necessary.
9. We will make sure that we avoid any unnecessary assemblies/gatherings.
10. It will be ensured that the trash is removed daily and disposed off safely.
11. We will try to conduct physical activities like sports involving minimum contact in open spaces for the fitness of the students. Necessary social distancing measures and strength reduction will be taken by us.
12. Protection face shields and gloves during sports will protect the students to a large extent and yet not prove to be suffocating.
13. We will encourage students to use private transport as much as possible to reduce strength in school buses.
14. All school buses will be equipped with sanitizer dispensers.
15. All bus windows will be kept open and students will be advised to wear face masks when inside the bus.