Stupendous achievement by CPS Students in Maharashtra State Scholarship Exam. 6 students in the Top 50 Merit holders. Gaikwad Sayali -2nd State ranker and Deokar Niti-4th Rank Holder in standard 5. Talegaonkar Vedant-3rd State ranker, Kumbhar Arnav and Athaley Mrunal - 5th State ranker, Randive Chinmayee-12th rank::Hearty congratulations to XII Commerce students Parth Lele, Jyostana Prasad and Sejal Mittal for passing CA Entrance Exam 2018::We pride ourselves in announcing the stupendous 100% results of our Higher Secondary School result with the first ranker in Science being Mast.Agarwal Rishabh with 94.3% and in Commerce Ms. Ishika Mandal 91.38 %::Once again CPS secured 100% result in Std-10 CBSE Board Exam,toppers-Yash Kulkarni-97.2%, Reva Rasne-97%, Vaishnavi Kulkarni and Nihar Ahire-96.8%::City Pride School received “Best Performing School Trophy ” in Homibhabha Balvidnayik Competitive Exam::CPS has received the Most Ideal School Award by PCMC Corporation for excellence in school education in all aspects
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   Name: Spriha Bhowmik - 9 Hope      Date: 27-10-2018

A Good School must have a good “Review system as School Policy”. This year is my 11th year been here in my school and I feel blessed to be a part of City Pride School. When I grow up, I am sure of becoming a renowned and contributing personality of the Society. This School is continuously giving me confidence to being successful in my objectives. It’s not only our routine studies but also encouragement in Sports activities….While speaking collectively, there are many students in our School those who could achieve National Level status in various sports segments. Many of us have been abroad and could take name of India Globally. I am proud of My School. Spriha Bhowmik9th HOPE

   Name: Manasi Kumar      Date: 27-10-2018

Being a 9th Std student, I was under an influence that the next two years will be like roller coaster ride. But our teachers explain the concepts in so much detail that only a few hours of self-study can crack any exam. I am really thankful to my teachers who are making this journey of Std 9 and 10 easy with fun learning. Moreover, our school conducts a wide range of extra- curricular activities. These activities help in nurturing our skills and give us the maximum exposure. It is really going to help us in choosing the right path. By Mansi Kumar9th Hope

   Name: Varsha Salvi      Date: 26-10-2018

A nations culture resides in the hearts and soul of its people.There was an atmosphere of excitement and activity at the City Pride School when the school organized an eco-friendly Ganesh idol making workshop, in collaboration with Sakal, to sensitize teachers, parents and students as a head of Sakal the event was planned and executed by me and many teachers. The main aim of it the workshop was to teach the students the basics of sculpting an environment-friendly Ganesh idol, just in time for the festive season.This also was an effort by the school to inculcate cultural and eco-friendly values in children, with a positive support from their parents and teachers. The environment matters and this exercise helped us to encourage this idea in students and their families. The participants could not get enough of sculpting, it was a new way of expressing their art and they were showcasing their talents in a very effective way. The end results were beautiful Ganesh idols seen everywhere, uniquely shaped with little fingers into divine forms. This was one of the most memorable days of my life. I thank my Principal and my seniors to have faith in me.

   Name: Shachi Srivastava      Date: 24-08-2018

Working at City Pride School is a new learning experience for every single minute.Each person over here is an inspiration in themselves right from my colleagues, the school staff members and most importantly the students of our school. They inspire us to work harder and smarter in order to provide them with best of education possible. I would sincerely like to thank every person of the cps family who have helped me in a being a better and more confident person in my life.

   Name: Shreyas Grampurohit      Date: 11-08-2018

It is at school that I learn so much. The school provides many opportunities for us to showcase our talent. Apart from daily lectures , we have regular Field visits to amazing places like IISER Pune, Zoological Survey Institutions, Museums and so on... Moreover, at the end of every academic year we have picnics to many places of interest. We also have many co-curricular activities in order to develop our skills. Teachers here are very accessible. There are no doubts that remain unsolved. Finally, I would like to conclude that the school is awesome.

   Name: Swanand Yamgar      Date: 11-08-2018

At school I learn many new things each day. There are many subjects that are taught to us . We also have interesting co-curricular activities that help us learn better. We also go on educative excursions. There are a number of extra-curricular activities also that are offered to us. We are afforded opportunities to participate in various sports, music, dance, theater and art events. These are fun activities that also help us develop our hobbies.The staff in this school is like our second mother who take care of us. I just love coming to the school,its like the second world for us where we all deal with different types of unique minded students.

   Name: Mangirish V Madyar      Date: 28-06-2018

City Pride School has helped me in identifying areas of my interests . There are multiple opportunities given to me on differernt platforms to bring out the best in me . Through systematic teaching, guidance, modern inputs, City Pride has helped in nurturing and building a storong foundation in my areas of interest. By giving us a glimpse of certain carrers such as Mechatronics, Journalism, Robotics etc, CPS has made me realise my talents. They have done all of this in a systematic and modern way and simplified it so that young learners like me can grasp all of this knowledge quickly. I will be ever thankful to the entire CPS family for all they have done for me.