CPS wonder girl "Mugdha" wins bronze medal in the UIPM BIATHLE/TRIATHLE World championship::City Pride School re-accredited by National Accreditation Board for education and training (NABET) with highest marks once again!::Stupendous achievement by CPS Students in Maharashtra State Scholarship Exam. 6 students in the Top 50 Merit holders. Gaikwad Sayali -2nd State ranker and Deokar Niti-4th Rank Holder in standard 5. Talegaonkar Vedant-3rd State ranker, Kumbhar Arnav and Athaley Mrunal - 5th State ranker, Randive Chinmayee-12th rank::Hearty congratulations to XII Commerce students Parth Lele, Jyostana Prasad and Sejal Mittal for passing CA Entrance Exam 2018::City Pride School received “Best Performing School Trophy ” in Homibhabha Balvidnayik Competitive Exam::CPS has received the Most Ideal School Award by PCMC Corporation for excellence in school education in all aspects
School News
The following are the School News:


   What an achievement Mugdha !!!
In the UIPM BIATHLE/TRIATHLE World championship held at Hurghada, Egypt , Team India
wins Bronze medal in Girls under 15 team event..
CPS wonder girl Mugdha being the team member, CPS is so very proud of her.
An unmatched gift she has given all of India and CPS when Diwali is around the corner. CPS congratulates Mugdha along with her team mates - Tanya, Sayali and the mentor Shekhar sir
Very well done dear Mugdha, CPS family is very proud of you !!




   Quality is never an accident, it always the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

   City Pride School re-accredited by National Accreditation Board for education and training (NABET) with highest marks once again!! The auditors expressed deep satisfaction about the quality standards of the School, Innovations, Parent-School connect, Teaching-Learning methodologies and high level of transparency.



   It is our great pleasure to share with all of you the joy and achievements of our students, whose exemplary performance has brought outstanding results at the
Pre Upper Primary Scholarship Examination Std 5th and Pre Secondary Scholarship Examination Std 8th (2017-2018) .

   Our Achievers of Std 5
*Gaikwad Sayali Raviraj (87.75%) is the City Topper (CBSE list) and 2nd State Ranker
*Deokar Niti Sandeep (86.3946%) – 4th State Ranker

   Our Achievers of Std 8
*Vedant Sameer Talegaonkar (89.04%) is the 2nd City Topper (CBSE list) and 3rd State Ranker
*Kumbhar Arnav Santosh (86.98 %)-5th state rank
*Athaley Mrunal Shashank(86.98%) 5th state rank
*Randive Chinmayee Santosh (82.19 %) -12th rank
*Number of students appeared: 109 in std 5th and 47 in std 8th

(From Left -Sayali Gaikwad, Chinmayee Randive, Vedant Talegaonkar, Arnav Kumbhar, Mrunal Athaley, Niti Deokar)






    2018 continues to be another year of outstanding performance by the students of City Pride School in class 10 CBSE board exams. The pupils have lived up to the tradition of 100 % result. The 4th batch comprising of 86 students, excelled in its performance with Top 3 Position bagged by

Sr.N Name Percentage
1 Yash Rajesh Kulkarni 97.2%
2 Reva Sameer Rasane 97%
3 Vaishnavi Sunil Kulkarni and Nihar Parag Ahire 96.8%
  • 9 students securing above 95% and above .
  • 25 students secured between 95% and 90%.
  • 29 students secured 90% and 85%.
  • 20 students secured between 80% and 60%.
  • 3 students secured between 60% and 50%.




Homibhabha Balvidnayik Competitive Exam
Organised by MSTA

   School Received “Best performing School Trophy ” for having the highest number of medals in the prestigious competition.
For last level 7 students of std 6th and 1 student of std 9th went through the project and viva round and received 1 gold and 7 silver medals.
The awards are as follows: 
Aryan Dahiwal (VI) bagged Gold Medal
Pranav Aherrao (VI) silver medal
Tanishka Parab (VI) medal
Mangrish Madyar (VI) silver medal
Akshat Kakade (VI) silver medal
Tanush Karkhanis (VI) silver medal
Sara Mokashi (VI) silver medal
Disha Shriraskar (XI) silver medal