CPS wonder girl "Mugdha" wins bronze medal in the UIPM BIATHLE/TRIATHLE World championship::City Pride School re-accredited by National Accreditation Board for education and training (NABET) with highest marks once again!::Stupendous achievement by CPS Students in Maharashtra State Scholarship Exam. 6 students in the Top 50 Merit holders. Gaikwad Sayali -2nd State ranker and Deokar Niti-4th Rank Holder in standard 5. Talegaonkar Vedant-3rd State ranker, Kumbhar Arnav and Athaley Mrunal - 5th State ranker, Randive Chinmayee-12th rank::Hearty congratulations to XII Commerce students Parth Lele, Jyostana Prasad and Sejal Mittal for passing CA Entrance Exam 2018::City Pride School received “Best Performing School Trophy ” in Homibhabha Balvidnayik Competitive Exam::CPS has received the Most Ideal School Award by PCMC Corporation for excellence in school education in all aspects
School Management Committee
No. Name Positions held Qualification
1. Ms.Maya.Sawant Principal,City pride school B.Sc.M.Ed
2 Mrs. Suja Rajesh Principal , City pride school Moshi B.Sc, B.Ed
3. Mr.Vikram.Deshmukh Advocate B.A. LL.B P
4. Ms.Shobana.Gopalkrishnan Coordinator B.Com.B.Ed
5. Ms.Sumita.Bhattacharya

Coordinator M.A.M.Ed
6 Ms.Radhika.Vaidya Principal , Millennium national school M.Sc.B.Ed
7 Ms.Sonal Band Principal , Aaryan school
8 Mr.Father James Principal , Loyala School M.A.B.Ed
9 Ms.Jyotsna Mishra Principal , Blossom Public school M.A.B.Ed M.Phil,MBA
10 Ms.Sonali.Khandekar Parent  
11 Dr.Deepali.Tongaonkar Parent MBBS
12 Ms.Nalini.Jambhekar Management representatives B.A.B.Ed
13 Dr.Ashwini.Kulkarni Management representatives B.E ,MBA PhD
14 Dr.Deepali Sawai Management representatives B.E,PhD
15 Mr.Milind.Ladge Management representative B.Pharm
16 Ms.Vaishali.Harugade Accreditation Coordinator M.Sc.B.Ed